Principle of the Stimulus Tests



Online Test System of the Subconscious

StimulTest identifies a person's true attitude to a specific phenomenon, act or fellow human being. It points to risk areas, competencies and guarantees an objective statement.


Uses a ready-made test (for example HR screening) or an individual test to clarify specific questions. The Stimulus can be in either written or pictorial form.


The tested person or customer receives online access to the test platform. Thus, the test can be carried out regardless of location and time.


 The tested person does not consciously perceive the specific stimuli during the test phase. These appear masked in milliseconds on the screen. A defined time limit per stimulus ensures precise execution.


The result is available immediately after the test and shows the subject's objective attitude to individual stimuli. If necessary, an expert can make a specific point of view.


 Over 7 years Market Experience

- Over 12000 tests performed

Standard tests (without individualization) 65 - 75%

Group tests (partial individualization) 75 - 85%

Personal tests (complete individualization) 85 - 95%


- Selection of Candidates
- Testing of Employees


State and Corporate

- Risk analysis for test subjects

- Identification of Crime
- Alternative to Polygraph


-  Determination of Addictions / Negative Phenomena

- Partnership Tests


- Testing of Campaigns / Corporate Identity

- Consumer Preferences

Case Studies

We received information from a customer from an Eastern European country that a representative of a state-owned company was suspected of receiving bribes through the company employee who was on a business trip to China. For the suspect, a personal test was conducted in StimulTest, which he completed in Shanghai under the supervision of Skype from the main office.


As a result of the test, it was found that the suspect within the next 3 weeks 10 to 20 thousand dollars or euros on a Bank account of his friend or relative expected. At this time it was confirmed that 16.000 EUR were received in the bank account of the relative of the suspect.


A finance director who has been working in one of the companies for 5 years has significantly reduced the quality of his work in recent months. To investigate the reasons, StimulTest conducted a study and found that the employee had a high level of fatigue and worries about his daughter's school performance problems.


Taking into account the test results, the management gave the finance director an extraordinary vacation during the school holidays. One month after the holidays, the financial director's performance was the same, and after six months, it rose.


The HR department of a medium-sized enterprise from Swabia wants to find a suitable candidate and therefore sends a test to a large number of potential interested parties. Because of the unmanageable composition of the test, the subconscious of each participant becomes the requirements of the future job after only a few hours, the HR department has been able to produce reliable results that can be used to make decisions.

HR Selection


How do you benefit

from the StimulTest?

Non-binding inquiry

Contact us and we will connect you with one of our experts, who will gladly provide you with a free sample test to test the technology.

Quotation and a customized solution

Quotation and a tailor-made solution after your sample test, we will provide you with an offer as well as a tailor-made solution for your problem. Depending on your needs, either existing templates or tests made by experts according to your agreement are inborn. Afterwards you receive an online access to the test system and can use it directly.

About us & Development

LEGTAX AG and the MRT (Memory Research Technology) founded a joint venture with the goal of realizing the German-speaking market. StimulTest plays a central role so that the best possible task can be achieved by the technology according to the situation.


The joint venture, consisting of LEGTAX AG and MRT, aims to establish StimulTest in the German-speaking market. Primarily, the focus will be on the joint creation of new approaches to solving future challenges. With StimulTest, the digitization of the psychological test can be retrieved in full and flexibly at any time.



For more than 2 years, the largest company in Ukraine has been successfully checking the reliability of its employees and preventing crimes by using StimulTest.

Through tests we have found out the true intentions and attitudes to the job of the candidates in terms of vacancies in our company. By using the StimulTestSystem it was possible to quickly and precisely determine the candidates' attitudes to the examined subjects.

The StimulTest is a very effective tool for assessing employees, allowing to select loyal and qualified employees and qualitatively complements the methods of our personnel appraisal.


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